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Animals, Salamanders, and Turkeys, Oh My!

Connecting Children to Animals Podcast episode Worms, Glorious Worms Podcast episode Animal Homes Podcast episode Animal Architects Podcast episode Squirrel Appreciation Podcast episode Eggs & Nests Podcast episode Animals in Winter Podcast episode Animal Play Loose Parts Nature Play Kits

Math, Loose Parts, and Nature–Oh My!

What a great combination! Find slides of a presentation on the topic here. Math, Loose Parts Nature Play Blog Post  Math, Loose Parts Nature Play Podcast Episode Gull, C., Bogunovich, J., Goldstein, S. L., & Rosengarten, T. (2019). Definitions of Loose Parts in Early Childhood Outdoor Classrooms: A Scoping Review. International Journal of Early Childhood Environmental…

Embracing Risky Play: Making Adults Gasp!

Indiana Children and Nature Network Webinar Recordings Types of Risky Play—Sandseter What to Say Instead of Be Careful—Backwoods Mamma When You Want to Say Be Careful—Child & Nature Alliance of Canada Stick Play Podcast Episode Busting the Myth that We Have to Bubble Wrap Our Kids Adventures in Risky Play—Rusty Keeler Tree Climbing Toolkit What to…

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